Enter to learn, Exit to serve

In Ohio, Sectionals and Districts, which will lead to State Tournaments mainly in Columbus, are well underway for our high school athletes.  For an adminstrator like me, that means traveling to schools across the state to watch our boys compete in important competitions.  Each action can spell the difference between a team or an individual advancing or planning for next year.  University School’s swim team has been exceptionally dominant, winning its Sectional at the Hawken School by an absurd amount of points, 300, and cruising in its sectional at Cleveland State University; it won by 160 points.  They are well prepared to earn the Division II Championship.  Hockey started its tournament play yesterday, winning in the Kent State Bracket 11-0.  Basketball has one final regular season game before beginning its postseason quest, but our wrestlers, like our swimmers and skaters, are pressing forward toward states.  Taking in the Districts Finals at Lake Catholic in Mentor yesterday, I stumbled across the title for today’s Blog while I was driving into the School. Lake Catholic has smartly managed its traffic flow by creating a one way entrance and a one way exit, and they are appropriately marked, “Enter to learn, Exit to serve.”

The quaint, almost trite words immediately caught my attention, reminding me that as an educator, my main work is to learn and to serve.  Clearly these words at the entrance and exit to a student parking lot are primarily meant for the students, but I think that the educators at this school want all who grace this campus to take these words to heart, and I hope that I have.  It is my obligation to learn as much as I can and to serve as many as I can.

As I prepare to leave for Chicago and the NAIS Conference, I am hopeful that all of us who teach and administrate as schools will keep this simple, eloquent directional/admonition in mind: we should enter the conference ready to learn and we should leave it ready to serve our students, our colleagues, our communities.


4 responses to “Enter to learn, Exit to serve

  1. makes me wish that all EXIT signs read, “EXIT TO SERVE” — would surely make the world a better place.

  2. A great quote to keep in mind as I head to my first NAIS conference. I look forward to reading your posts and perhaps meeting you there.

  3. I’m thrilled you decided to start a blog, can’t wait to read more. Safe travels.

  4. Hi Michael, I’m delighted you’ve started a blog and I love the quote about entering to learn and exiting to serve. I also like the photo at the top of the blog which I assume is a street in Cleveland? I hope all those athletes of yours do very well. I will always remember you as my son’s football coach who yelled, “Who’s blocking whom?” (Lest we forgot you were also an English teacher!). Keep up that great combination of sports and word-craftsmanship!

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