Our First Day

Sitting in the RV only a few minutes from Disneyland (on the anniversary of its opening), we await the Bishop as he finishes his responsibilities.  Excited, anxious, nervous, we fine tune our bicycles, check our equipment, and anticipate the start to an incredibly journey.  At 91 degrees, Anaheim is warm, but we are pleased that it isn’t 110, which is what we hear Las Vegas will be when we arrive there in a day or so.  We have our marching orders for the first day: Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth and I will ride the first six hour shift from 6 PM until Midnight, Carl, an 18 year old from Hudson heading to Cal Poly next year, and Gary will ride the Graveyard Shift, 12 Midnight to 6 AM, and Kelly, a veteran of the Pan-Mass and other rides, and Dan will ride the 6 AM to 12 Noon shift.  We should wend our way through Carbon Canyon and the San Bernadino Mountains over these 18 hours.  Right now, however, we find money to get our last fix of ice cream, hydrate, and check anew our sunglasses, our shoes, our socks, and all our equipment.  Stay tuned!


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