My First Ride

I just completed my first leg this evening, beginning at 8:20 PM PDT and finishing around 11 PM.  All of us rode for the first thirty minutes or so, leaving the Anaheim Convention Center amidst the Paparazzi that congregated to send us off on our journey.  We listened to a pray, Rt. Rev. Mark Hollingsworth’s interview, and then we set off down the flat, welcoming streets of Anaheim on a sunny evening under blue skies.  The warm air, 91 degrees, didn’t faze us.  After riding 8 miles into Fullerton, we all stopped and allowed Rt. Rev Hollingsworth to ride on, which he did beautifully.  Through several towns, including Chino (past the men’s correctional facility) and Upland, he rode quickly and efficiently in and through Carbon Canyon as the sun was settling in for the evening.  When he turned onto Arrow Road past Upland, Kelly and I congratulated him on his excellent ride, and then I hoped back on my bicycle for my leg.  I traveled through many towns and residential areas before nightfall completely hit and I headed for the hills of San Bernardino.  My leg, almost completely in the dark, featured strong climbs and exciting downhill sprints.  I finished my leg on historic Route 66 in the pitch black, with only my small headlamp lighting the way and the infrequent train that might ride through on its way to its destination.  Everything in the pitch black takes on added significance.  Every dog barking, every passing car light, every train whistle was magnified by the darkness that the sound or light pierced.  My next leg will be at 12 noon in the desert, but after that one, I will be riding the graveyard shift from 12 midnight on.  I look forward to riding in the daylight tomorrow as we should cross over into Nevada.

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