Accidents Will Happen

Yesterday’s biggest event was Carl’s crashing into a car in New Castle, Pennsylvania—yikes!  We spent our last few hours in the Buckeye State, and then we made our way into the Keystone State.  Carl took off on his Ride and Greg and I followed behind him, looking to support him.  We came upon him a few miles down the road, standing next to a young man and his mangled bicycle.  We immediately stopped, of course.  Carl seemed fine, but unsettled.  David, the tattooed driver, was stunned that he hit Carl.  Carl was riding fine when David inexplicably turned into Carl while trying to enter a convenience store.  There was no rhyme or reason for David’s turning into Carl and impeding his progress on road: Carl, legally traveling along, Route 208 in Pennsylvania, lost his opportunity to ride.  His front wheel was completely mangled by David’s driving, so Greg took up the challenge and road the hour.

Pennsylvania has many terrific riding routes, and we used PennDOT’s Route V to cross Pennsylvania yesterday and this morning.  It is a pleasant road that rises and falls dramatically over the width of the State.  After an hour, Greg was “gassed” so I took over for 90 minutes.  It was lovely to ride in the daylight, as I traveled up and down the road and enjoyed the vista afforded by Pennsylvania’s varied terrain.  Dan followed me and did a tremendous job pushing us toward Clarion.  This morning Mark and Steve arose early and continued on PennDOT’s Route V toward the Jersey boarder.  Isaac rode a rough patch before Steve took over to cross the Jersey boarder.  Kelly rides now and the rest of us will push toward Hackensack, New Jersey, where we will stay at Christ Church in their parish hall before triumphantly riding across the George Washington Bridge tomorrow.  The weather continued to be the story, as rain and thunder threatened for most of the early evening last night.

One of the best parts of this trip has been meeting people.  I must prepare for my Ride, but I will continue this thread later.  Suffice to say, this trip has been made incredibly pleasurable because of the people across this country who have opened their hearts to us.


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